Street-based Immersive Storytelling

Immersive Storytelling

Explore the potential of mixed reality and immersive media in a one day workshop with Kate Geneveive of Chroma Space, and for all those people that attended the event on September 17th, #hexology empowered a budding group of content creators to produce their own street-based and immersive storytelling experience.

“Looking at performance games and improvisation as well as Virtual Reality software, we’ll explore the potentials of multi-sensory communication and immersive media to shift how we see and feel our shared realities.”

These are the words of the Artist and PhD student Kate Geneveive, who I first met in 2013 whilst putting on an Oculus Rift to enter the multi-sensory world of her Art installation, Gather.

It’s great to hear stories of how #hexology is being used – and it makes me wonder what will come next!

Thanks to Kate Geneveive for using #hexology in her workshop. Hacking Reality with Kate Genevieve was part of the “Technology is Not Neutral” season at Phoenix Brighton for Brighton Digital Festival.

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